Feb 15, 2012

BOJ Inflation Targeting Spurs Japan Outperformance

Japan's economy has been mired in deflation for the most part of 2 decades. Consequently capital stays idle in zero-yielding bank accounts (where it is duly recycled into purchases of government bonds) rather than invested in a productive way. This is all likely to change with the Bank of Japan yesterday finally announcing a specific inflation target. The combined savings of all the people in Japan amount to a massive amount of financial capital. If inflation does pick up, and people wake up to the need to look for meaningful ways to invest it, this can really jump-start the economy and propel the Nikkei to ever higher levels. (Especially if you
add the positive impact of a weaker yen.)

Today the market has started to price this in, with the Nikkei leading gains in Asia with a large outperformance against other indices. Judging by the one day delay and the character of the buying this is most likely overseas real money allocation (combined with a healthy dose of short-covering as we broke the most recent Oct high). What we suggested in What if 2012 is the Year of the Samurai? may in fact be starting to play out.

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