Jan 3, 2012

Technical Bounce in Gold To Present a Selling Opportunity

The metal has bounced from a low of 1522 reached in thin trading in the last few days of Dec. The precipitous drop from a Sep high of 1920 had taken it into oversold territory amid anecdotal evidence of large funds reducing positions into year-end. There will undoubtedly be fast money playing the bounce, but should it trade into the 1650 level this would present a good selling opportunity. The fundamentals for Gold continue to be quite negative, with the world's biggest consumer, India logging a 50%+ drop in imports in the third quarter of last year (see Reuters article). The US dollar was the first major currency to suffer from the effects of quantitative easing but will arguably also be the first to recover. Since Gold has been heavily used as a bet on the de-dollarization of the world economy, one of its main investment functions is also waning.

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